Prisma Cosmetics brand is a cosmetic brand created to address the lack of product availability in the makeup industry for women of color, however, more specifically, the lack of shade range for women who tend to be darker in complexion. Prisma Cosmetics is not focused on its "20" or "40" shades but more importantly, taking an "any-shade-imaginable" approach in crafting cosmetics through precise undertone matching.

The design of the product and packaging was inspired by the iridescence, transparency, and reflection of lights unveiled by a prism. The glass foundation bottle was chosen for full transparency of the product itself so that the color shown by the glass bottle matches your skin tone. 


The name PRISMA derived from the word prism which was the driving force for the brand aesthetic. Taken from the inspiration of hard lines and soft lights, the packaging was designed to symbolize the surface of a prism as well as the rainbow shown by the refraction of lights. The muted tones were chosen so that the color of the foundation be the color of focus.



The design of the retail space was made to mimic a "cosmetic lounge" with a makeup bar that allows for one-on-one consultations as well as walk in appointments so customers can be color matched with a Prisma Color expert. The retail space is surrounded by glass so that natural lighting is the primary source of light for precise color matching. The use of metallics and mirrors in the store is also to keep with the theme of refraction and reflection of light to make sure there is always a source of light.  





The website allows for booking/scheduling in- store appointments, building a profile to speed up consultation times, as well as allows for online ordering after finding your foundation shade.   



The branding of Prisma contains a muted color palette to focus on the bold color of the foundation/skin shade. The fonts are a combination of Gotham and Walkway Upper bold due to it's sleek yet simple nature.The logo icon is to symbolize a triangle for the three areas that make up ones' skin; base, undertone, & sub undertone.