Visual design exercise with retail branding and design. 
In May 2016 of last year, I had the amazing opportunity to visit my mother's beautiful home country of South Korea. During the trip I saw some of the most beautiful scenery, from grand palaces to gardens; this trip truly opened my eyes to my culture, the importance of international travel but also gave me a newfound perspective as a designer.  
I created this restaurant concept to show that life experiences can truly have an impact in visual design. I wanted to blend my culture and my own design perspective and express that through this design exercise. 
Mandu (dumplings) was my favorite food as a child and my mom would delicately make each dumpling on the floor of our house on a hot summer day. I remember watching her in her hot pink shorts folding each dumpling delicately into a shape of a crescent moon. 
I created Moon Mandu to share the love and craft that goes into making dumplings. Moon Mandu is a Korean Style restaurant that brings not only Korean food culture to the United States, but unfolds a beautiful story of a mother and daughter's bond over Korean food.
The name "Moon Mandu" came from the crescent moon shape that forms after creating each dumpling. I specifically picked the hot pink color throughout the design to symbolize the hot pink pants that my mother used to wear. 
The design aestethic of this visual design exercise came from my influences from South Korea. While I was in Korea, I was really inspired by the intricate details of hanbok dresses (traditional korean dress) as well as the details and lines from buildings such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the National Folk Museum of Korea.
Designing with the mindset of a blank canvas, I wanted to play with patterns and details to create a design that has Korean influences but also still showed myself as a visual designer. From the menus to the website, I wanted to blend an Asian/Korean style print as well as use a highly detailed design to also symbolize the intricacies and craft that goes into making mandu dumplings.