Redesign Forever 21's in-store & out of store experience by creating a sub brand that allows for a more customizable & tailored shopping experience. 


Forever 21 is overwhelming, from the in-store experience to the mobile experience, the store tends to have too many products and choices that leave customers feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, & unable to find pieces that may fit perfect in their wardrobe. Forever 21 also focuses on "trendy" clothing which also makes it difficult for customers to feel that they can have their own unique style. 

How can Forever 21 minimize their inventory and create a more customizable & personalize experience for their customers without changing the entirety of the brand's dynamics?


Mint is an app that allows users to have the control of what shows up on their newsfeed. Using data tracking technology, the MINT app tracks the user's style by having a swiping/up-voting feature (Link Tinder) that allows the app to better understand the user's style by suggesting pieces within Forever 21's inventory. Mint will curate outfits and fashion blogger photos from around the world and will carefully pick out items that match or closely match the items that are liked.

Before the swiping feature, MINT will ask for the user's body type, fit, height & weight that will customize a profile to suggest the best clothing that not only fits the user's preference but their body as well. 

MINT users will then be able to add the items to the shopping cart and have the option of picking it up in store or have it shipped to a home address.