"Design a device for the blind and visually impaired community"

Google Vision Glasses
USB Charging: 
Hearing Aid:
A design that is modern and sleek that not only serves as a useful tool to the BVI community but is all stylish. Lenses come in dark or clear for user preference.  
On the right side of the glasses arm unveils the usb connectivity that serves as the battery for the glasses. 8 hour battery life only 2 hours to fully charge.
Low profile hearing aid to communicate to the BVI user when indicating objects, surroundings, and people.
Two HD Camera Lenses:
LED/Battery indicator:
Lenses give full range and perspective of surroundings to accurately scan with ai poly interface.
For those who are not fully blind, they will be able to monitor battery life of glasses. However, for blind individuals, the ear piece will read battery life levels.
A symbol that communicates to individuals outside of the BVI community that this person has a visual disability. But also serves as a collective pride symbol for members of the BVI community.

Since the app is

basically free, the only

cost would be

production costs.

Accessibility tools are

often viewed as a signifier

of disability instead of a

symbol of empowerment.

 App fully integrates into

their lives and becomes

completely hands free.

For the logo design, we merged Google and AI poly in a way that showed that the glasses are powered by both brands but also in a way that symbolizes an "eye". For this design, I took the "G"from Google and manipulated the letter by constructing a "robotic eye"and used Aipoly's existing brand colors to create this design. For the "VISION" part I slanted the "V" for a cool, stylistic but also futuristic design. 
We wanted to use the power of Google and Ai poly to help make a difference in the blind and visually impaired community by providing an everyday tech that makes things much as crossing the street or shopping a little easier. But what we also wanted to accomplish was to remind the world that that the BVI community can do what every one else can, just through a different lens.  
Cole Hammack
Lauren Vickers
Cody Eanes
Experience Designer
Sarah Burley
Visual Designer